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Rebuilding Stronger: The Importance of Orthopedic Rehab After a Hip Fracture

Updated: Apr 29

Hip fractures can happen in many ways: a serious car accident, for example. Every year, more than 300,000 Americans suffer a hip fracture.1  Most of these fractures occur in people ages 65 and older since the risk of hip fracture rises with age, typically due to osteoporosis or a fall resulting from problems with balance.

Recovery from a hip fracture can be a lengthy process and has the best outcomes when inpatient rehabilitation is part of that process.  You can expect recovery to look something like this:

·      After four to six weeks, pain will begin to subside, and your walking will increase.

·      The bone will fully heal around three months.

·      Regaining strength in your leg can take an additional six to nine months.

What happens during hip fracture rehabilitation, which is part of orthopedic rehab services?

Rehabilitation will usually begin the day after surgery while you are in the hospital. Getting moving soon after surgery will help you avoid certain complications, such as blood clots. The physical therapy team will create a plan of care that will set you up for success and work with you on the best plan to continue your rehabilitation.

Receiving hip fracture rehabilitation from an inpatient rehabilitation hospital such as Cincinnati Rehabilitation Hospital will give you the best chance for a successful recovery. You’ll receive 24/7 medical care and a personalized ortho rehab plan of care with the aim of:

·      Restoring your range of motion

·      Building strength in your leg and hip

·      Helping you return to a normal walking pattern

A specialized team of physical therapists will use strength training exercises, range of motion exercises and gait training exercises customized to your specific needs. Occupational therapists will help you learn how to safely perform activities of daily living so you’re ready to return home.

If you have recently experienced a hip fracture, you may be searching for hip fracture rehabilitation resources. We are here to help!  Learn more about rehab services on our website. Our teams of nurses and therapists address your unique needs and create an individualized comprehensive plan of care to help you reach your goals.

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